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Information for Parents

Worried about what your children may stumble across when searching online? Even the most attentive parent can’t always be looking over their child’s shoulder 24/7, checking if what they’re viewing is appropriate.

Welcome to Swiggle.org.uk, the ad-free child friendly search engine from the Online Safety experts at SWGfL.

Great Online Skills Start Here

Good practice starts young and encouraging healthy attitudes and behaviours from your child as part of their online life is best when it involves you. After all, wouldn’t you want to be the first person your child goes to when they find online content that makes them feel upset, embarrassed or frightened?

Swiggle has been designed to support young children when searching for images or content online. Generic search engines can throw up a host of difficulties and embarrassing incidents when children stumble across inappropriate content (either accidentally or deliberately). Even with “safer searching” filters switched on, image searches can often return thumbnails to content that is wholly inappropriate yet in full view.

All the Tools Kids Need

Swiggle is built on Google Safe Search technology but has a number of active features that encourage children to respond to and report inappropriate online content they find, rather than “Whoops! Let’s move on!”

Children are encouraged to report content they think should not be part of Swiggle, or should be blocked on your network. We even provide our “Swigglebot Screen Cover” to encourage seeking out help from a parent or carer. Active participation in managing online content.

Features Include

  • Customised Google Safe Search technology
  • Active blocking of inappropriate search strings
  • Active help from our Swigglebot
  • Screen-cover widget that can be installed in the browser bar for all online browsing
  • Easy to access reporting page for children and adults
  • Clear and accessible design

It’s a safer sandpit to develop responsible skills before progressing on to more open and transparent online search engines like Google or Bing.

It’s a great start in encouraging responsible online searching.

After all, best way to keep children safe and happy online is for them to have a safe and happy attitude. A better internet starts with you and them.