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Welcome to Swiggle.org.uk!

Swiggle child-friendly search engine from the Online Safety experts at SWGfL.

Hi, I am the SwiggleBot!Searching the internet for images or content can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. It can be hard to find the right content  and sometimes you can stumble onto things that might make you feel upset, embarrassed or sad.  Swiggle can help you with your first steps on the road to better online searching.

Swiggle uses the very latest search technologies to make your searches more useful. It not only gives you safer access to online content but encourages responsible behaviour too.

With our new friend SwiggleBot to help you, you can search for great information and images, and if you do see things that you think are not right, you can let us know and we’ll consider blocking it. You can even use SwiggleBot to cover your screen while you go and get help from an adult.

Swiggle.org.uk is a great start in encouraging responsible online searching

After all, the best way to keep yourself safe and happy online is by having a safe and happy attitude. A better internet starts with you.

How it works

Swiggle is powered by Google Custom Search, the results are filtered using Google SafeSearch, and we have configured the results to prioritise educational resources.

We also filter the search terms to check that Swiggle is not being used to search for inappropriate content.

Make Swiggle your default search engine!

You can search using Swiggle directly from your address bar by installing Swiggle as you default search engine:

Make Swiggle Default!

Stay Safe on the Internet

The internet is a vast resource, and some content is not appropriate for children, we recommend you add Swiggle to your browser or put the Screen Cover link on your bookmark bar, so that if you go to a page that is not appropriate, you can cover the screen and go  and tell an adult.

Install the Screen Cover

Reporting Tools

Swiggle provides you with reporting tools to get inappropriate content blocked. You can report pages found thorugh our search using the reporting page.

And if you use our Screen Cover, we also provide a tool to send a report about any page to your system administrator, so they can block it with their filter.

Who Created Swiggle?

Swiggle.org.uk was designed and developed by SWGfL. We are a charity dedicated to empowering the safe and secure use of technology through innovative services, tools, content and policy, nationally and globally.

We are proud to be a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre