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How to search the internet using Swiggle...

1. To search the internet using Swiggle, go to the home page by clicking the home button. 2. Then click in the search box and type the name of the thing you are searching for. 3. Then either press the Enter button or click on the Search button.
Home Button Picture Search box picture The search button
Your search results will then be shown on the left of the page. To do another search use the search box on the right,
or to go back to the first page click on the back or home.

How to look around the website...

1. To look around different parts of Swiggle, click on the green menu buttons from the top of any page on the website. 2. These buttons take you to the main sections of the site, from there you can click on pictures to launch different activities. 3. On some of the pages you can also click the scroll buttons to look through more activities. You can use any of the activities by clicking on their pictures.
The navigation menu Learning page Using the Scroller
To go back to the first page, click on the home button at the top left of the screen.
If you get stuck on a page, use the green buttons at the top, or click on the back button where shown.

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