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Privacy Statement

Whilst using the South West Grid for Learning web site, we may need to collect information about you and your browsing session. We are committed to ensuring that this information is collected, stored and used in an ethical way, which observes UK data protection legislation.

Whilst this approach to privacy applies to everything we do; some projects, applications and services that we offer may adopt different privacy policies. As such, the following statement applies exclusively to the following sites:, and and

What Information do you Collect and Why?

Anonymous Site Usage Data
Whilst you browse our web site, we will collect data about your browsing session. This data is anonymous; we cannot use it to relate your browsing session to you personally. The kind of data we collect includes the pages that you visit, the number of times that you visit them, your operating system, your screen resolution, the version of your web browser and the country you're visiting from.

This data helps us:

To plan for future site developments;
To identify and better promote our most popular content, and likewise, our less popular content;
To gauge the success of marketing campaigns;
To identify periods of heavy site usage, to help forecast when is best to perform maintenance work on our servers.
We use a tool called Google Analytics to collect this data. All of the data is stored securely on Google's servers.

In order to track your browsing across sessions, Google analytics will place a 'cookie' on your machine (a small text file that web sites use to track and remember information across several browsing sessions). You can tell your web browser not to accept cookies if you don't want us to do this (refer to your web browser's help file for more information).

For further details on Google Analytics, and the Google Analytics privacy policy, please visit the Google Analytics web site.

Feedback & Send to a Friend

When you use the 'Comment or Suggest' and 'Send to a Friend' features of our web site, you will be asked to provide names and e-mail addresses.

These site features automatically generate an e-mail and send it to a nominated address; as such, your information is as secure as it would be if you were to send it via e-mail. In light of this, we would advise you not to send sensitive information using these site features. When you use these features, we do not store your information on our servers.

Your IP Address

Some of the content that we host at is protected in such a way that it can only be accessed by users within a SWGfL-conected establishment. In order to assess whether this is the case or not, we may collect and record your IP address.

As a responsible Internet Service Provider, your IP address may be used to track instances of abuse and in some circumstances in SWGfL-connected establishments, could be used to identify you personally.

Further Information

If you're unclear about any aspect of our privacy statement; have a complaint or would like to exercise your rights to access personally identifiable information that we hold about you, under the Data Protection Act please e-mail

Legal Statement
The majority of the site content is provided by external suppliers, as such unless otherwise stated we cannot provide permission for reproduction.

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EU Cookie Law

In compliance with recent changes to EU law we have updated our privacy policy to reflect the cookies that are used on our websites. Details of these cookies can be found here.

By continuing to use this website you agree to the use of cookies. If you would like to block cookies on this site please click here for more information.

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